How to Choose The Right Mattress? Complete Guide

Which mattress to choose when you have back pain: How to choose your mattress, the size, and firmness adapted to your morphology, a suspension technology corresponding to you, springs, foam, latex, or memory foam. We explain to you in detail everything you need to take into account.

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How to Choose Your Mattress?

As a couple or alone, with different morphologies, not all mattresses and box springs will be adapted to your needs. How to make the right choice of mattress in these conditions? Guide Literie has worked for months to analyze and study the relationships between the elements that make up the quality of sleep, according to the sleeper’s profile, and the type of bedding used (mattress + box spring). All these factors: mattress size, support, technology, comfort sensation are analyzed to improve your sleep, and finally, your health! 

What Mattress Firmness Should I Choose?

Mattress support is an essential component for a better quality of sleep. It is conditioned by the type of mattress suspension and density. The consent can be flexible to very firm, and you will choose it according to your morphology. Indeed, it would help if you equipped your bed with a mattress that keeps your spine aligned. It would help if you did not sink into your mattress, nor have the feeling of lying on a support that is too hard.

Which Mattress Filling Should I Choose?

If the support of the mattress depends on the suspension and is posed in terms of firmness, the filling for him influences the bed’s comfort. During the reception phase, it is felt that the sensation you feel when you lie down on your mattress. There is a solution to improve the comfort of your mattress without changing it, the mattress topper.

The filling also serves to absorb the body’s sweat and helps regulate its temperature. You will find several types of fillings, which fall into two categories: synthetic or natural. In this second category, you will have a wide variety of choices: cotton, bamboo, coconut fiber represent only a small part of the filling materials.

If you want to equip yourself with the ultimate, turn to high-end fillings such as merino wool or cashmere. For more information, go to mattress upholstery.

Expert advice: be careful with memory foam fillings. They are generally less durable over time.

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How to Choose the Size of Your Mattress?

To sleep well is essential for a better recovery of our body… And of our spirit! The mattress is one of the most critical elements to have a good night’s sleep. If you must be vigilant on the support, the reception, and the independence of the bed, the mattress’s size is not for all that to neglect. It will be a pity if your feet protrude from the bed or if one of the couple’s members does not have enough room. It is thus advisable to take into account the morphology of the sleeper and his sleep habits.

In our article on mattress sizes for single beds, we explain how to select yours if you are single or that of your child or teenager. Our article on mattress sizes for double beds will tell you about standard sizes and newcomers to the bedding market. The more room you have in a bed, the better you sleep! Therefore, choose the larger mattress sizes.

Expert advice: As a couple, favor large sizes! A 160 cm wide mattress reduces the number of awakenings in the night by 25%, and the independence of bedding is improved by 50% (according to the Acticouple study of the APL).

That’s why, when you choose a mattress, you must pay particular attention to the sleeping independence it offers. Indeed, it allows you to cushion the movements of the couple’s limbs not to disturb each other. Some suspension technologies, such as pocket springs, favor it more than others, as you will discover in our independent sleeping article.

What Is the Best Suspension Technology?

When we talk about mattress suspension, we refer to the technology that makes up the mattress, which is also called the core. Suppose historically; there have been many of them (straw, wool, etc.) today. In that case, they are grouped into four prominent families: spring suspension, foam suspension with the memory foam declination, latex, and water. How to choose your latex or spring mattress? Foam or spring mattress? It usually is to ask these questions.

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Choosing Your Spring Mattress

Exit the uncomfortable grandmother’s mattress; research and development have gone through it, and today, spring suspensions are among the most pleasant on the market. It also offers the best ventilation, which will not fail to seduce sleepers who quickly get hot at night. These are high-end mattresses in general.

Biconical springs, multi-coil springs, or pocket springs, all these names leave you perplexed? To learn more about spring suspension, we explain what is behind each of these technologies: spring mattresses.

Choosing Your Latex Mattress

Latex can be natural or synthetic and is made of a rubber derivative. Choosing a latex mattress has many advantages. Indeed, it offers 3 to 7 comfort zones to make your nights more pleasant. It is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it an ideal mattress for sleepers allergic to dust mites.

Finally, its alveolar composition makes it very airy. If you live in a humid area, think about it! You will discover in detail the advantages of the latex mattress by reading our article dedicated to latex mattresses.

Choosing a Memory Foam Mattress

This technology comes straight from space! Indeed, the viscoelastic foam was initially developed for NASA astronauts. It is heat-sensitive, which means that it reacts to your body temperature and room temperature. It adapts perfectly to your body shape and wraps around your body, relieving pressure points.

Among the advantages of the memory foam mattress, we must mention its remarkable resilience, the bed’s independence, and many others, as you will learn by reading our article, memory foam mattress. On the other hand, this material tends to keep warm.

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Choosing a Foam Mattress

There are two types of foam: Polyether foam mattress and polyurethane foam mattress. The difference between these two forms lies in the cells of the material. The cells are closed for polyether foam and open for polyurethane foam. These are two technologies used in rather entry-level mattresses. They are suitable for occasional bedding or children. The best criterion of choice and quality is the density of the foam. They range from 25kg/m3 to 47kg/m3.

We advise you not to buy for an adult a foam of less than 30kg/m3. The mattress would risk sagging prematurely. The defect of this technology is the consequence of humidity on the durability of the mattresses over time. On the other hand, they are products at affordable prices.

Choosing Your Water Mattress

Few people are aware of the existence, but especially the benefits of the waterbed. It can be customized to suit the sleeper’s every desire. More or less, depending on the quantity of water and water conditioning, the large size is only a glimpse of this type of mattress’s advantages.

Which Mattress to Choose for Adequate Ventilation?

If you want to keep your mattress healthy for as long as possible, it is essential to ventilate it well. Indeed, we sweat a lot at night, and some of us live in humid areas. As a result, the mattress doesn’t have time to dry between two nights of sleep, mold develops, and mites and bacteria come and feed on it. Not very pleasant, is it?

Some technologies are naturally more airy than others, so you would prefer latex or springs. You will also find some advice on how to ventilate your mattress, in the form of hygiene tips to follow, which you can discover by reading our article, mattress ventilation.

Expert Advice: The technology that offers the best ventilation is the pocket spring mattress.

Which Mattress Ticking to Choose?

What is ticking? It is the envelope that surrounds the suspension and filling of the mattress. Just like this one, the ticking conditions the comfort of the mattress when you lie down. It can be made of several materials, natural (cotton, silk, wool, etc.) or synthetic (polyester, etc.).

It is most often the subject of chemical or natural treatments intended to protect your mattress against bacteria or fire. You are generally insulated from the ticking by the fitted sheet.

Expert advice: If you suffer from allergy, prefer bamboo material naturally anti-mite.

Which Brand of Mattress to Choose From?

It probably didn’t escape you, and there are many brands that market mattresses. What are the best brands of mattresses? Some have chosen to specialize in a specific suspension technology (e.g., Simmons with pocket springs); others prefer to offer all types of cores (e.g., Thiriez).

You may lack time to store around to compare prices and the quality of mattresses. That’s why we recommend Idle Sleep Mattresses.

We explain to you their preferred technologies, their positioning on the market, the quality/price ratio of their products, where to buy them, etc. To find out all about the big names in mattresses, visit our comparison of the best bedding brands.

Mattress Brand to Avoid

There are not any mattress marks to avoid. On the other hand, we advise you to choose among the brands that have a street-side. We have listed them in a table of high-end mattress brands. The mattresses to avoid are often cheap mattresses that cannot, for a small price, satisfy you wholly and mainly durably. For us, a standard size mattress in 140 x 200 cm at less than 500 € is to be avoided.

Which Mattress to Choose when You Have Back Pain?

Back pain plagues professionals, businesses, and the social security system. In 2017, companies spent more than a billion euros for their employees’ back pain via the Social Security’s Workplace Accidents and Occupational Diseases branch. This is the equivalent of 12.2 million lost workdays. Last year, one out of every five work accidents was linked to back pain due to an unsuitable mattress and poor quality sleep.

Back pain is not to be taken lightly because it also indicates that you are not sleeping optimally; your sleep is disturbed. The quality of the bedding and the mattress, in particular, can be an essential element of prevention. It has been scientifically demonstrated that a misalignment of the spine at night causes pain and degrades the quality of sleep.

Back pain in the morning is mainly related to one factor: the support of the mattress. That is to say that the firmness of the mattress does not correspond to you. It can be too firm or too soft. It is, therefore crucial that the firmness of your mattress corresponds to your morphology. A bed that is too old can also cause discomfort because it no longer fulfills its role of maintaining your spine correctly aligned.

It is also essential to consider when choosing a mattress to relieve your back and your sleeping position. If you sleep on your stomach, you don’t need the same support as you sleep on your back or side. Sleeping on your stomach also requires special care in your pillow’s choice because too thick, it can quickly generate neck pain and even lower on other vertebrae.

How to Choose Your Back Pain Mattress?

There is no mattress technology to avoid when choosing a new mattress if the support is right for you. On the other hand, memory foam (or visco-elastic foam) is a technology that can bring you maximum relief thanks to the excellent distribution of pressure points in your body.

Finally, too often, we do not take into account the difference in morphology of a couple. That is to say that each sleeper would need a different mattress firmness. However, the solution is simple, two single mattresses, with two different firmnesses, adapted to each person. A single box spring, or two different box springs, all connected by fasteners, will suit. On the other hand, this configuration has another significant advantage; it offers the best sleeping independence to both sleepers.

Tip Before Buying Your Mattress?

Before going to a store or on the internet, read our article carfully, it will take less than three minutes. If you chose to buy your mattress from Idle Sleep, then go with our recommendation (your “morphosleep”), and you will get the best price on your bedding purchase . You won’t make a mistake, and you will save money.

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